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Market timing service testimonials


Keep up the good work. - D.B.


Thank you for sharing your Sniper Timing signals and back test results with the general public. - T.S.


I really appreciate your work in general, and your responsiveness in particular. - B.G.


Thank you for your excellent analysis! - G.H.


Thank you for the great information. - J.C.


Your evolving format and concise analysis is quite good...appreciate the weekly update. - D.R.


Many thanks for your services!! - B.B.


Your work and services are so important, and I use them each week. - D.B.


I started investing some money of my own about first of year so your system has helped me stay disciplined. - J.C.


I have become very frustrated with some newsletters I have subscribed to, but it appears you might be the exception! - J.K.


Your latest update is much appreciated. I look forward to your weekly risk assessments and country info and have been following your suggestions for many years. Thank you. - K.O.

Market timing rethought!


THANKS for your weekly newsletter. - R.G.


Thank you for the most recent update. I missed getting these as I had used your past weekly updates and had formulated a spreadsheet with allocation percentages based on your risk indices. Thanks again and please keep me on your mailing list. - B.L.


Where have you been? Good to be getting signals again! - B.L.


Thank you for providing such a useful service. - B.B.


I love your system. - G.P.


Really like to review these reports. - R.S.


I have thoroughly enjoyed your weekly updates for the past several years. Many thanks for all your helpful information in the past. - P.K.


I've been an enthusiastic follower of your weekly reports... - S.W.


Thanks for this service. It is right-on. When you indicate cash, I go short! It's working great. - B.L.


Thanks for your sniper charts and info, i follow then every week. - J.H.


Just a quick note to tell you again how much I appreciate the SNIPER Market Timing newsletter ... I've always been impressed with your work ... Thank you again for this wonderful resource. As per a previous discussion, I try to share SNIPER with friends and colleagues. - J.L.


I get your market timing email and its very accurate. I have been following it for a few years and you guys were wrong only a few times. - H.Z.


Thank you for your service. I saw you on TimerTrac. Very impressive. - T.M.


Your site is great! I have also been subscribed to the newsletter for a while now and look forward to the weekly updates. - T.H.


Thanks for your weekly newsletter. - R.G.


Hello and thanks for the service that you provide. - W.L.


I discovered your web site by chance and found it to be very professional, no lavish claims and strictly quantitative. The information you have is very useful, and I wonder if you are interested to put it to other uses rather than be a service without any subscription fee. - N.T.K.


Just a quick note to tell you again how much I enjoy the Newsletter. - J.L.


In a risk on/risk off world of total correlations, these guys might be worth looking at. - Y.B.


Just wanted to thank you for your newsletter. It is very helpful and valuable. - B.L.


Very good track record. - G.H.


Thanks for your regular newsletter. - P.A.


I have followed your newsletter and web-site for some time now and appreciate the global perspective. - J.L.


I have always liked your letters and followed them closely. - D.R.


I enjoy your financial electronic newsletter. - C.J.


Thank you for your wonderful website. You provide a great service to small investors who can easily make sacrifices to the many charlatans that inhabit the investment world. Your signals help to keep me on the right investment course. - M.J.S.


I am so glad to again receive your e-mail newsletter ... - C.W.


I just found your site a few days ago, it is 1st class. Keep up the good work, looking forward to getting your newsletter each week. - N.B.


Thanks you for your good website. - T.P.


I like your emails. - L.


Looked at your website looks good. - S.N.B.


I've been a faithful subscriber for a few years now and really like your service. - J.P.


I appreciate your weekly email. - R.W.M.


Thanks for your good work. - M.S.


Thanks for your service; I have read with interest for quite some time. - R.T.


Your mails are very informative, I do not want to miss them anymore. - E.B.


You are running a great website and the newsletter's signals are great to follow. - R.D.


I have come to rely on your valuable service very much. - D.S.S.


I enjoy your site. Thank you for providing it. - M.O.


I would like to thank you for the great job you are doing with SMT. - J.J.W.


Thanks very much for sharing your market positions. I read them every week. - D.B.


I don't know you nor have I ever communicated with you before but I would like to say as a retired Financial Advisor, you are among the best at your market signals. I have never seen anyone do better and I consider your work equally if not more important than my own. - D.C.


Thank you for you great calls over the years; most recently your call to go to cash on US Bonds. Another great call! ... Thanks again for your great work and take care! - C.


Excellent job. Thank you. - S.F.


Thanks for having got the newsletter for several years. - H.Q.


... in the Swiss newspaper was an article that you are always very well with your forecasts. - E.K.


I was very impressed with your site and look forward to following the analysis of the financial market - B.M.


Thanks for your newsletter every Sunday. It keeps me on the right side of the trends in the market. - T.B.


I am a subscriber to your newsletter. I would like to thank you for making this newsletter available. I consider your analysis and reports top notch, no fluff, very sound. I consider it my good fortune to have found your site. - C.C.


enjoy your weekly e-mails as an aid in my market analysis. - R.G.


I enjoy your newsletter. No rubbish, just facts. Thank you! - P.W.


Greetings! I have changed jobs and have added this new email address to continue to receive your great newsletter. - R.C.


Hello - I have been following you timing signals for a while now and I have found them to be very helpful. Thank you for making them available to individuals investors like me. - J.M.


I am very impressed with your methodology and look forward to your weekly e-mails - J.N.


I enjoy your e-mail updates... - P.B.


Hello and thank you for letting me see your interesting service. - A.


Thank you so very much! You exemplify a professional organization of which there seems to be so few of these days--and too boot, your service is without charge--how fortunate can we be? Regards and sincere appreciation! - B.B.


Very appreciative of your service! - B.B.


Thank you very much for spending time on my request. i would surely consider your inputs when making investment decisions in the funds that we manage. - N.


Thanks guys! Your service is a useful tool in navigating these stormy waters. - R.C.


I just wanted you to know as of now 11:20 pm Sunday I have not received your updated newsletter which I value and look forward to each week. - S.


Excellent reading! Thank you - F.A.K.


I have enjoyed reading your newsletter. Your signals are great. - D.B.


Thank you. I enjoyed reading the web page. It would seem all the trend following systems would be bullish so it must be the counter trend systems that are keeping the overall model on a sell. - R.


Thank you very much for your service. - R.M.


I'll look forward to tracking your models and thank you again for the reply to my question, and for making this valuable information available to investors. - R.H.


Hello-I just learned about your website via timertrac and want to congratulate on the models you have developed. Could you tell me more about how you do the stock risk assessment which is currently at 4%? - R.H.


Thanks for the service. - D.


Your site is great. I particularly appreciate your full disclosure of real-time performance and your discussion of your models. I do have a question to which I couldn't find an answer on your site. What is your organization? Do you sell products or services? Is it the work of volunteers? I can't find any reference to Sniper through Google, although many sites refer to your service is very positive terms. I think some discussion of who you are and why you offer this fine service for no cost would be a worthwhile contribution to your great site. - D.L.


Thank you for the weekly email you send out and the interesting work you are doing. - R.H.


Thank you very much for the timing signals that I have been receiving. - L.V.


I just want to say that I appreciate your web site. - C.L.


For a few months I have been a regular reader of the information on your web site, and I have found it very useful. - F.


Thank you very much for your market timing service, particularly for the US equity and bond markets. Your timing has been almost too good to be believable. - B.M.


To thank you for your regular letter with which, as an elderly gent who once established and ran a unit trust in the Isle of Man (a tax beneficial area), I am most impressed. Have a successful and enjoyable 2005 and please carry on the good work - P.W.


Thank you very much for your help. Your explanation was easy to follow and I do appreciate it. You were a great help to me. You have a nice day and thank you again! - G.S.


Sir, do you have a department or an affiliate institution which will do the buy and sell as per your signals on my account, for a fee? Can you send me more info on your managed accounts program, including past performance of the managed accounts? Thanks - B.G.


Thank you for your unique webpage! - G.R.


Hello, I have just discovered your web site and think it's fabulous. - T.S.


Thanks for all your good work - L.


Hello, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that while browsing today I came across your website and found it very informative and useful. Keep up the great work. - B.C.


I am sure that today I saw an "announcement" on your most excellent Website that the British Market was now "Bullish" but I cannot find it again. The announcement reverses the signal still being given by your long term British chart/s so I am wondering if this was a figment of an over optimistic imagination on my part or whether a new signal has actually been given? Could you please clarify? Thank you - P.W.


Don't forget to update your site. I use it as your signals are a reliable aid - J.C.


I've followed your signals with interest for some time. You certainly have a great record and offer a worthwhile service. - D.L.


To who it may concern, I like your web site - D.C.


On the whole I am quite impressed with your timing. Keep it up. - J.P.


I am new to your fascinating service and it looks very interesting! - R.C.


Just a thought. Looks very good. Great job! - R.C.


Enjoy your weekly mail and look forward to your views. - R.G.


hello, i have been enjoying your site for several months now. i only just discovered your plot of weekly risk index at do you have similar plots for the other countries that you follow at a site i can reach? - B.B.


You have put a lot of effort in your models. - R.P.


Please let me tell you how useful I find this information. I am managing a fairly large personal SIPP and have found by following the indicators for Stocks and Bonds and not deviating it takes the emotional decisions away from me, all I have to concentrate on is selecting good quality stock and bond investment funds to use. - M.P.


Excellent Service - M.C.


I enjoy your market timing information. Keep it coming. - M.C.


Certainly enjoy your weekly letter and look forward to the veracity of this week's input from you about a bullish market. - R.G.


We enjoy the insight of your website. - K.F.


I am enrolled in your newsletter and it is very impressive. - D.&A.M.


Thanks for the great web site and information! Now I realize I should have invested in the TSE last year on your signal. - M.P.


Hi and congratulations for your web site. I have been trading for a while and I am always looking for new ideas. In particular I am now looking for a low risk approach for part of my investment (currently in cash and Bonds). Your system seems to be a sort of cautious asset allocation tool. - G.T.


I enjoy your service very much. - D.&A.S.-M.


I am enjoying reading the newsletter. - S.P.


I am impressed and grateful that you took the time to address my questions. Such courtesy is not common today. I hope that you and your loved ones are well and that you all have a wonderful holiday season. - M.G.


I have been receiving your newsletter for some time and am impressed and interested in learning. - T.K.


I'm writing mostly out of frustration, but I am glad that I stumbled across your system. I subscribed to your newsletter to see if it suggests stocks to buy/sell and I will watch those stocks to see how they perform. This could be a wonderful tool for me to use to start investing since I no longer trust humans! - G.M.


Is the weekly update on your great site still working? - E.L.


I am most impressed with Sniper Market Timing. - P.W.


Thank you for providing the market timing newsletter. - R.


Very helpful site and your timing model has been helpful to me. And during many weeks, reassuring. - E.L.


I am generally very satisfied with your market assessments... - T.B.


Enjoy your weekly market report. - R.G.


First of all my compliment for your website! I particularly liked your detailed review of the literature .... Your page with trading advice lets you know that it was written by really experienced traders. - V.G.


I am very interested in your service. - J.Mc L.


Where is this week's newsletter? I am anxiously awaiting it. - L.C.


I just signed up for your newsletter and am impressed with it so far. - G.A.


Very nice site! - D.S.


I feel that your approach to investment is very similar to mine & look forward to reading your comments in the future. - T.W.


I enjoy your Newsletter very much. - D.S.-S.


Thank you for your weekly newsletter. - J.G.


Your market timing signals are quite interesting. - N.L.

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