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Market timing signals for stock and bond markets with integrated risk index ratings

Market timing signals - How it works

With our easy-to-follow market timing signals you immediately unlock return potential for all major markets.

Just four intuitive market timing signals!

Signal Action Portfolio allocation
"buy" new investment change from no to full investment
"stay invested" remain invested full investment
"sell" new exit change from full to no investment
"stay out" remain not invested no investment

More details on our unique stock market investment approach at Stock Market Investment Strategy .

Market timing signals

" Thanks for this service. It is right-on. When you indicate cash, I go short! It's working great."

B.B., North Carolina

Reveal markets you should be invested and investments you should avoid.

Designed for simplicity


The signals of our market timing models are based on risk index and market timing algorithms that attempt to identify periods when the potential for gains in the markets is higher than that for losses.

For each monitored market, our market timing algorithms switch our investments between

- full investment position, indicating that the prices of the underlying market (e.g. US stocks) should rise and therefore it puts our money in the relevant asset class (such as 100% investment in US stocks).

- no investment . A switch to "0% investment" indicates that the underlying market (e.g.: US stocks) should have no significant upside potential. In order to preserve our capital, the market timing system combined with our market risk index moves our money into a cash position on the sidelines. The intention is to reduce risk by getting us out of the way of severe bear markets and market crashes.