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Market timing signals for stock and bond markets with integrated risk index ratings

Major market timing signals

All important bond and stock market timing signals at a glance.

We offer a short and structured signal overview for the US, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan. We have chosen - based on customer requests - two representative countries for each of the most important regions (North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific). These six countries are generating more than 40% of World's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in nominal values.

Market timing signals as of 08/03/2018

Next update: 08/19/2018 *)

US bonds sell since 08/03/2018 new
US stocks stay invested since 04/13/2018 (unchanged)
Canadian bonds sell since 08/03/2018 new
Canadian stocks stay invested since 04/13/2018 (unchanged)
German bonds stay invested since 05/25/2018 (unchanged)
German stocks stay invested since 04/13/2018 (unchanged)
UK bonds stay invested since 05/25/2018 (unchanged)
UK stocks stay invested since 04/13/2018 (unchanged)
Australian bonds sell since 08/03/2018 new
Australian stocks stay invested since 04/13/2018 (unchanged)
Japanese bonds sell since 08/03/2018 new
Japanese stocks stay invested since 04/13/2018 (unchanged)
*) This table is updated with one week delay.
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Market timing signals for important bond and stock markets

Stay up-to-date with major market developments.

The table shows the current weekly signals of our stock and bond market timing strategies for major stock and bond markets.

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