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Our unique market strategies and risk ratings are your support for catching major market moves and pinpointing the potential risk of investments.

Our passion is to provide easy and intuitive stock and bond investment analysis to you.

Wolfgang, founder

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Investment signals42 investment signals

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How Sniper Market Timing Helps?

We blend our intuitive market risk ratings and savvy trading models into a unique investment approach.

Protection by Intuitive Risk Ratings

Raise your risk awareness for stock and bond investments with our intuitive risk ratings.

Our reliable risk ratings will help you raise your risk awareness so you can make the right and profitable investment in stocks and bonds.

Check out our global risk ratings and discover a new level of risk assessment.

Growth by Savvy Investment Strategies

Unlock return potential for all global bond and stock markets with our easy-to-follow investment signals.

Our savvy investment strategies and our market signals will help you decide when is the right time to buy or sell stocks and bonds.

Learn more about our investment strategy.

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The revolutionary approach of combining savvy investment strategies with intuitive risk ratings provides investment ideas that should help you make high returns.

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The Secret to Market Investments

Our Unique Combination of Investment Strategies and Risk Assessments

Knowing when to buy or sell is crucial for profitable investments. Gain higher returns by buying investments at lows and selling at peak levels.

Learn to understand when and why stock or bond markets will increase above, or decrease below its current market price. Our newsletter provides you with essential market insights.

Founder - Wolfgang
Smart investment strategy

Our approach combines market timing models and risk ratings into a smart investment strategy!

Wolfgang, founder

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Investment signals42 investment signals

Risk ratings20 market risk ratings

Performance reportsperformance reports