US stock market risk: 53% (medium risk) - CLICK here for more details!

Market Risk Index Update - 2018-09-03


Global bond market risk
high risk at 60%


Global bond market risk changes from a medium risk level to a high risk level of 60% (last week: 44%).

The regional bond risk index for the US, Canada and Western Europe jumps from 42% (medium risk) to a new high risk indication of 63%.


Global stock market risk remains at a medium risk level of 50% (last week: 52%).

The stock market risk index for the US, Canada and Western Europe stays at a medium risk reading of 49%. Last week this risk index was at 55% (medium risk).

Global stock market risk
medium risk at 50%

US Dollar risk
low risk at 19%


The US Dollar risk index increases to a low risk reading of 19% (last week: 15%).

Generally, a risk index level equal or above 60% is indicating a rather high-risk and unfavorable market environment.

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