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Market Risk Index Update - 2018-07-16

Market Risk Indices

Current Global Bond Market Risk
21% positive

Bond market risk

Global bond market risk increased to 21% (last week: 17%).

The regional bond risk index for the US, Canada and Western Europe rose by 13 percentage points to 17%.

Stock market risk

US stock market risk remained at 38% (i.e. positive level). US tech stock risk dropped to a positive level of 36% (last week: 37%).

The regional stock market risk index for the US, Canada and Western Europe decreased to 40% (neutral level).

The global stock market risk increased to 49% (last week: 47%).

Current US Stock Market Risk
38% positive

Current Global Stock Market Risk
49% neutral

Current US Dollar Risk
8% positive

Foreign exchange cross rate risk

The US Dollar is still showing strength against other major currencies.

US Dollar risk index increased to 8% (i.e. positive level) at US market close (last week: 4%).

Generally, a risk index level equal or above 60% is indicating a rather high-risk and unfavorable market environment.

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