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Market Timing with Integrated Risk Rating

Risk Rating

Defend your portfolio throughout severe market downturns with our market risk indices

Market Timing

Take advantage of our investment strategies and let us help growing your wealth

Your Comfort

Lean back and enjoy the comfort of our uniqe approach of flowing with the markets

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Invest with the unique combination of investment strategy and market risk rating

Protecting investment portfolios by timing the volatile bond and stock markets is never easy, but without a sound, smart and time-proven strategy, it can be virtually impossible.

Two decades ago we designed a computerized and unbiased approach by blending a smart trading system with our unqiue risk ratings into an unique combination:

Sniper Market Timing = Market Risk Rating & Market Timing


Intuitive risk indices

Intuitive Risk Indices

Raise your risk awareness for stock and bond markets with our intuitive risk indices.

Savvy Investment Strategies

Find your distinct balance between portfolio protection and growth.

Savvy investment strategies