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Founder - Wolfgang

"Our approach uniquely combines savvy market timing models and intuitive risk indices into a smart investment strategy!"

- Wolfgang, founder -
Sniper Market Timing

Secret To Market Investments

Knowing when is the right time to buy and sell is the key in profitable investments. You can gain high returns on your investment by buying investments at their lowest point and selling them at their highest point. However, this is not as easy as it sounds.

How can you tell that the chosen investment will not increase or decrease beyond its current value?
To understand this, you must have accurate and reliable market insights. This is what you get from our newsletters!

Sniper Market Timing - Your Newsletter for Market Timing & Risk Rating since 2001

Sniper Market Timing has been a go-to resource for getting market insights for high returns on investments. We combine a revolutionary approach of combining savvy investment strategies with intuitive risk ratings to ensure that you get the insights that will help you make high returns on investment yielding decisions.


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How Sniper Market Timing Helps You?

Growth by Savvy Investment Strategies

Unlock return potential for all major bond and stock markets with our easy-to-follow market timing signals.

Our savvy investment strategies will help you answer the question:
When is the right time to buy or sell stocks or bonds at their most profitable value? We will send you our most accurate market signals to help you make that decision.

Learn more about our trading systems at Investment Strategy and Stock Investment Strategy

Protection by Intuitive Risk Indices

Raise your risk awareness for stock and bond investments with our intuitive risk indices.

Our unique risk indices will help you assess the risk of investing in stocks and bonds. We will send you our most reliable risk indices that will help you raise your risk awareness so you can make the right and profitable investment.

Check out our global risk indicators and discover a new level of risk assessment at Risk indices

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